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  Waelde-Gossett Enterprises LLC

Medicaid Billing Agent for Louisiana

Waelde-Gossett Enterprises LLC Rate Sheet


Waelde-Gossett Enterprises LLC’s rates are simple and reasonable.  

For the initial setup, we charge $50 which is included on the first invoice. Thi initial setup includes installing  any necessary WGE software on your computer with your company’s business information and training your designated person.  No charges are invoiced until claims submitted by WGE on your behalf have been paid by the state of Louisiana.

For actual claims transmission, we charge 1% of the amount billed. Adjusted and/or voided claims are also charged at 1% of the adjusted and/or voided amount.

There are no charges for claims that are not paid or paid late due to Waelde-Gossett Enterprises LLC error.

Waelde-Gossett Enterprises LLC invoices monthly on a net 15 basis.


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