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 Waelde-Gossett Enterprises LLC 

Medicaid Billing Agent for Louisiana


How Waelde-Gossett Enterprises LLC Started


Waelde-Gossett Enterprises LLC began in 1992 as an adjunct to a Mental Retardation/Developmental Disability Case Management agency.  As a favor to the agency owners, we began submitting their billing electronically to speed up payment.  

In the course of their normal activities with Medicaid direct care providers, it became known that WGE was providing billing services.

One agency requested that WGE do their electronic billing.  WGE created a program for them to use to enter their claims and started submitting their claims.  They referred us to another agency who referred us to another and thru word of mouth Waelde-Gossett Enterprises LLC has continually served Medicaid providers for over 15 years.

With the advent of HIPAA billing requirements, Waelde-Gossett Enterprises LLC has upgraded their services and is now HIPAA ready.  

Waelde-Gossett Enterprises LLC is ready to serve you. 


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